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Focal Point manufactures a variety of autofocus systems for leading companies in electronics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries around the world. The Focal Point FocusStat system delivers unmatched performance in almost any application when compared to conventional autofocus systems. As technology and manufacturing techniques improve, the size of many components continues to shrink. At today’s high production levels, speed, resolution and adaptability are ever increasing demands on the inspection processes. Higher magnification inspection and increased throughput, both, tax the limits of current machine vision inspection systems. Yet, with high resolution and greater magnification, comes the critical challenge of decreasing depth of field. An increase in magnification from 1X to 10X reduces the depth of field, with acceptable resolution, by a factor of 100. High speed autofocus is fast becoming an essential component of inspection processes.

Focal Point Inc. announces its Next Generation Auto Focus Systems, the FocusStat® 3, with performance capabilities far beyond the current offerings. Where previous system’s response times were measured in seconds, the new FocusStat Auto Focus System measures response performance in hundredths of a second. Older auto focus technology had little tolerance for surface irregularities or local tilt beyond ±½ degree, FocusStat has surpassed this limitation by a factor of ten or more. The FocusStat autofocus system is designed to work with 1 to 100X magnification, thus meeting the inspection needs of today and tomorrow.

Focal Point’s FocusStat system represents a gigantic leap forward in autofocus technology, allowing performance never before thought possible. This system will enable the next generation of high speed inspection and machine vision technologies to develop, unhindered by depth of field limitations. FocusStat autofocus systems are currently being used in various applications around the world, ranging from high speed inspection, to bio-medical and laser processing.

Focal Point currently offers 4 variations of the FocusStat system. FocusStat systems are currently being used to enhance the technical capabilities in varrious applications around the world.

Would high speed precision autofocus expand your system capabilities?

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